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Time "British" you and brilliant | IQE staff collective birthday party in April 2023

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Good things happen in April, love in Intronics, happiness in the mountains and rivers.

Good things happen in April, love in Intronics, happiness in the mountains and rivers,

On April 22nd,

We stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, catch the tail of spring, and meet the ecological villa in the mountains and rivers,

Invtronics staff collective birthday party in April 2023.

"Family" date, rain or shine,

The partners came to the mountain early to open the "foodie" mode.

The air after the rain is particularly fresh, and we are particularly happy with our enthusiasm.

Jump, don't gain weight

Smile, worry less

A youthful energetic dance

Instant birthday party atmosphere

Eye disease hand quickly fold paper cup link

We're all chasing each other, racing against the clock

Precise positioning, clever technique

Won applause from the scene

Confidential knowledge will be rewarded

It brought the atmosphere to a climax

Clearly can rely on the level of appearance, but it has to rely on strength

The high achievers at Invtronics don't even pretend anymore

The response was quick and accurate


It was a pleasure to eat melon

I've been eating melons

What is happiness?

Happiness is

Looking at his lovely teammates

Put the sweet watermelon in your mouth

Happiness is

Be a trusted colleague

Work together. Work together

Celebrate together, witness together

Birthday is a beautiful moment

The staff birthday party can also be held as a concert, and the British version of the singer is born, and the beautiful song makes us forget about time and spend a special birthday with us



President of Invtronics Wong and Union IP

Send birthday wishes to the birthday girl

Sing Happy Birthday with everyone!

Eating cake and having fun year after year

One mouthful good sweet, happy forever

Wish you success in your work and all your wishes come true!

The birthday party is over

Everyone sat down together again to have a big lunch


Life is long and short, and fate can be met but not sought

We are all the small one

It is also an indispensable one for Intronics

Time is brilliant because of you, life is better because of love

Let us be grateful for every encounter and remember every time we are together

Continue to maintain a harmonious, passionate and striving working atmosphere

Meet tomorrow's work and life!

April staff collective birthday party successfully concluded

We'll see you at the next birthday party

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