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School-enterprise Cooperation Add New Achievements | Panzhihua University Yingchuangli School-enterprise Cooperation Signing Ceremony

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School-enterprise cooperation to "climb" the peak again, two-way empowerment to "create" the future! On January 23, Panzhihua University and our company held a school-enterprise cooperation signing ceremony. Shi Weifu, Vice President of Panzhihua University, Zhong Yuquan, Director of Research Department, Zhao Xiangyu, Director of Research Department, Cheng Xiangkui, Executive Vice President of International Vanadium and Titanium Research Institute, Liu Botao, Senior Consultant of our company, Zhang Renjun, Deputy General Manager of Special Circuit Division, etc. attended the signing ceremony.

At the meeting, the two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the construction of practical teaching bases, joint training of professional postgraduates, industry-university-research cooperation and exchanges, and the co-construction and sharing of scientific research projects. Under the witness of the participants, Zhao Xiangyu, director of the scientific research department of Panzhihua University, and Xu Dongmei, director of the company's human resources center, signed the cooperation agreement as the signing representatives.

This signing marks the company's new achievements in school-enterprise cooperation and injects new vitality into the company's talent training and technological innovation. In the future, the school and enterprise will continue to deepen cooperation, give full play to the advantages of both parties, provide more space for students' teaching, internship, training, and employment, cultivate more high-quality and highly skilled applied talents for the company, and jointly explore new models of cooperation., Work together to write a new chapter of cooperation!

Before the signing ceremony, the participants visited and inspected our company's exhibition hall and smart factory to learn more about the company's development history, production and operation, technological innovation, and industrial layout.

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