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Sichuan Yingchuangli 2024 Spring Fire Emergency Evacuation Exercise and Fire Equipment Practice Exercise

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In order to further strengthen fire safety management, enhance staff awareness of fire safety, and improve staff's ability to deal with fire emergencies. The company organized employees to carry out the fire emergency evacuation drill and fire equipment practice drill in the spring of 2024.

The drill simulated a sudden fire in the text workshop of the first factory. The personnel on duty immediately sounded the fire alarm bell and reported the fire to the command team. After receiving the report, the emergency command leading group immediately started the internal fire safety emergency plan, quickly mobilized the fire fighting team, emergency repair team and evacuation team to the scene to put out the fire, and organized the safe and orderly evacuation of personnel on all floors.

When the evacuation team counted the personnel, it was found that the personnel were injured and trapped. The commander-in-chief immediately dispatched a medical rescue team, a search and rescue team, and an emergency repair team to race against time to launch rescue operations.

The Ministry of Security explained in detail the correct use of gas masks, fire hoses, fire blankets and fire extinguishers.

New employees take turns to practice the use of fire extinguishers, so that "everyone can put out the fire, everyone knows the fire".

Finally, the chairman of the company specially helped Huang Weijie to summarize the exercise. Safety is the cornerstone of the development of an enterprise. It is necessary to keep the alarm bells ringing and make unremitting efforts. All employees should always be vigilant and take each exercise seriously, so as to build defense with "performance" and prepare for war with "training". All workshops should strengthen daily supervision, keenly identify various sources of danger, regularly carry out fire control knowledge training, consolidate and improve employees' fire fighting and rescue, escape and self-rescue capabilities, and prevent unburning "; the Ministry of Security should strengthen the investigation of potential safety hazards inside and outside the factory area, especially the electric vehicle charging area, implement safety measures, and build a" firewall "for the safety of employees' lives and the safety of company property".

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