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Professional Skills Competition for Workers in PCB Industry and Exchange Activities for Industrial Workers in Economic Development Zone

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On April 29, sponsored by the Suining Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions, and co-organized by Suining Printed Circuit Association, Sichuan Yingchuangli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., and Suining Hongtu Electronic Circuit Technology Vocational School"China Dream · Labor Beauty" PCB Circuit Board Industry Workers Vocational Skills Competition and Economic Development Zone Industrial Workers Team Construction Reform Work Exchange Activitiesheld in the company. Du Shasha, leader of the fifth squatting group of the Provincial Federation of trade unions and vice chairman of the provincial finance, trade, light, chemical and textile trade union, Ren Yan, member of the Party group and vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Before the meeting, the leaders and representatives visited the company's exhibition hall and production workshop to learn more about the company's development history, production and operation, and industrial layout. They fully affirmed the company's achievements and put forward constructive suggestions.

▲ Ran Longhua, Party Branch Secretary and Vice Chairman of the Economic Development Zone Federation of Trade Unions▲ Shu Chao, Deputy Director of Jingxin Business Bureau of Jingkai District▲ Wang Hua, Chief Financial Officer of Sichuan Yingchuangli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

At the exchange meeting, the District Federation of Trade Unions, the District Economic, Information and Commerce Bureau and Yingchuang Power Company respectively reported and exchanged views on the effectiveness and experience of the production reform work, the shortage of short boards and the promotion path.

Han Yang, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic Development Zone and Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions

In his speech, Chairman Han Yang requested that all member units of the district's production reform should provide strong policy and system support for non-public enterprises to implement the production reform work. For small, medium and micro enterprises and newly-built enterprises, through on-site promotion meetings, establishment of contact points, and dispatch of instructors, etc. Ways to solve difficulties and relieve difficulties, gradually promote, and play a good role in the "leading force" of production reform. Enterprise operators should take the initiative to assume social responsibility, firmly establish the development concept of relying on employees wholeheartedly to run enterprises, and according to the characteristics of enterprise production capacity, find out the combination point of innovation chain, industrial chain and talent chain, build a community of interests of enterprises and employees, and give full play to the "cohesion" role of enterprises. The majority of employees of non-public enterprises should dare to be practitioners of reform, integrate their lofty ideals and wisdom into the reform and development of enterprises, take enterprises as their home, actively participate in the innovation activities of the "five small" enterprises, save energy and reduce consumption for enterprises, improve quality and empower enterprises, and give full play to the role of "internal power" of employees.

Tian Guiyong, head of the competition organizing committee, read out the competition rules on the spot. The large screen of the venue was broadcast live at the same time.

#CAM Engineering Design Group#

A total of three types of work were set up in the competition: CAM engineering design, drilling operation machine and FQC inspection. Many electronic enterprises from Zhichao, Pryson, Yingchuangli, Hongan Xingsheng and Liyuan participated in the skill competition.

#Drilling unit#

You catch up with me to catch up with the speed, to promote the exhibition of elegant demeanour. The players calmly deal with, the operation is skilled and rigorous, the scene atmosphere is warm and tense.

#FQC Inspection Team#

With their superb business skills and good psychological quality, the contestants demonstrated the model worker spirit, labor spirit, and craftsmanship spirit of the employees who strive to be the first and strive for perfection. They competed for the level of skills, innovative vitality, and corporate style.

#Exhibition of works#

After two hours of fierce competition, 12 contestants stood out and won the third prize of the 1. 2. Before the competition bulletin board, the referee made a wonderful comment on the winning work from many angles.

# Awards ceremony#

At the award ceremony, the leaders of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, the Economic Development Zone Trade Union and the competition organizing committee jointly issued honorary certificates to the winners.

The successful holding of this competition has not only improved the skill level of employees, enhanced the innovation ability of employees, but also strengthened the learning and exchanges between enterprises in the park, created a good atmosphere of advocating and respecting skills, and improved the skills of industrial workers. Deepening the reform of the construction of the industrial worker team has played a positive role in promoting the high-quality development of the electronic information industry in our city.

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