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SSD new release! Leading the new change in storage technology!

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From multi-species, fast delivery double-sided board, multi-layer board

to high-order HDI arbitrary interconnect, IC carrier board

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New SSD Products Reissued in April

Leading the New Change in Storage Technology

Promote the development of the digital era

Solid State Drive (SSD) as a new type of high-speed storage device,

With its high performance, low energy consumption, high reliability and other characteristics,

It has been widely used in data centers, personal computers, mobile devices and other fields.

Product Introduction

Number of layers Level 1
Product size 22*80mm
Surface treatment Gold plating hard gold
Finished plate thickness


Assembly method SMT
Application areas Solid-state storage such as computer servers and workstations
Product characteristics

① High-frequency high-speed SSD storage board.

② The copper thickness of the inner and outer layers is 35 μm.

③ Laser blind hole design, interlayer offset ≤ 30μm, arbitrary layer bias ≤ 50μm.

④ Impedance control 100±10 Ω.

⑤ Surface treatment using selective process, pad selection of gold, plug gold finger plating hard gold.

As one of the core components of SSD, the circuit board,

Its performance and stability are directly related to the overall performance of SSD.

This SSD circuit board with excellent technical strength and design advantages, to achieve a double leap in performance and stability.

Stack Design

0high-speed data transmission

The use of advanced interface and signal processing technology to achieve fast data transmission speed, greatly improve the overall performance of the system.

0stability and reliability

After rigorous testing and optimization, it has excellent stability and reliability to ensure the safe storage of data.

0Exquisite craftsmanship

It reflects the company's exquisite craftsmanship in circuit design and manufacturing, and provides solid support for high quality SSD products.

0Energy saving features

While providing efficient performance, it effectively reduces energy consumption and is environmentally friendly.

0Flexible adaptation

It can be widely used in various SSD products to meet the needs of different users.

0Suitable for various scenes

High-end computer systems that provide excellent performance for demanding workloads.

The game equipment, so that players enjoy a smooth game experience.

Multimedia workstations to speed up tasks such as video editing and audio processing.

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