Step Groove Board

Part number 06G139638
Layers 6
Surface treatment  
Finished thickness The 1.2 mm
Application field Defense
Product characteristics 1.Pressing of Taconic substrate material and PP material
2.The GTL surface has a depth control slot,and the depth control depth is 0.4+/-0.05mm
3.The GBL surface has a step groove,and the bottom of the groove reveals the L3 layer circuit
4.Surface treatment electroplating soft gold,gold thickness requirements 0.5μm
5.For blind holes in layers l1-l2 and L1-L4,resin holes should be plugged in the blind holes,and resin holes should be plugged in the outer disk holes
6.The back drilling depth must be 1.5mm,and the stub must be greater than 0.2mm