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Yingchuangli releases new 8-layer 2-stage Bluetooth headset circuit board, leading to a new era of wireless listening

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New 8-layer 2-stage Bluetooth headset circuit board

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circuit boardIt is the core component inside the Bluetooth headset, which is responsible for connecting various components and realizing wireless communication and audio processing.Key components. The following force will show you how the Bluetooth headset system "performs its own duties" and exerts powerful functions.

Bluetooth headset circuit boardIt is composed of main control chip, power amplifier chip, Bluetooth module, battery management chip and other parts.

Main control chip: Bluetooth headset"Brain", responsible for controlling the operation and data processing of the entire system.

Power amplifier chip: responsible for audio signal amplification and processing,GuaranteeSound qualityClear.

Bluetooth module: is to achieve Bluetoothof communicationKey, Let the Bluetooth headset connect with mobile phones and other devices.

Battery management chip: play a role in managing battery charge and discharge and protection to ensure the use of Bluetooth headsetsSecurity and stability

In addition, there are someAuxiliary components, such as charging interface, button control, LED indicator, etc., these components work together to form a complete Bluetooth headset system.

Product display

Bluetooth headset as an indispensable smart accessories in our lives, the complexity of its internal structure is really amazing. The company launched this 8-layer 2-order Bluetooth headset circuit board with precise design and powerful functions, which greatly improves the overall performance of the headset and optimizes the user experience. It is a major leap in wireless headset technology.

Product Introduction


Number of product layers Level 8 Level 2
Product size 26.52mm*5.21mm
Surface treatment ENIG (Shen Jin)
Finished plate thickness 0.75±0.08mm
Assembly method SMT
Application areas Bluetooth headset
Product characteristics 8-layer 2-step stacked hole Bluetooth module products
Resin Plug Holes Laser Stacked Holes Design
White ink minimum solder resist bridge 75μm

laminated structure

Performance advantages

The advanced 8-layer design, compared with the traditional 4-layer or 6-layer circuit board, supports higher-speed signal transmission, more stable connection performance, lower electromagnetic interference, and ensures the purity of the audio signal.

At the same time, the introduction of the second-order design makes the circuit board more compact while ensuring performance, providing a greater creative space for headphone designers and bringing an unprecedented high quality and hearing feast for music lovers!

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